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Welcome to the start of your Health Journey!

Brook Barney

Welcome to Natured Balance and the start of your wellness journey. At Natured Balance, we will explore and tap into intuitive sources provided by nature (external and internal) to incorporate into your daily life leading to improved overall wellness, health, balance, and long-lasting, sustainable habits.


I will teach you Integrative Nutrition, a holistic bio-individual approach resulting in a transformation process incorporating nutrition and all areas of life such as relationships, finance, fitness, career, spirituality, etc.


This integrative, holistic approach is a lifestyle change where you will learn sustainable practices to Restore Energy and Health, Lower Stress, and Develop Balance and Purpose throughout your life.

Image by Maksim Shutov


A Natured Balance is achieved by utilizing the creative and controlling force in the universe and the internal force in an individual to instill health, energy, clarity, love, calmness, and purpose.

It's a mindful practice of alignment, a centered, supported feeling for you to come back to throughout the day. This learned Natured Balance is key to change that will support the mind, body, and soul.


Health & Wellness Guides

Ready to start but unable to commit to individual coaching? Or maybe you're seeking education for yourself or your family to enhance your health? These guides offer a great way for you to begin your journey today.

"Brook is AMAZING! I have worked with three different coaches in my life, and Brook has made the greatest impact. She exudes warmth, peace and safety. I am so appreciative of her gentle yet effective approach on helping implement changes in my life. She cares about the WHOLE picture, not just one piece. She helps you find health and balance in all areas of life. I cannot recommend her enough! Take the leap, give her a call… you won’t regret it!"

Adaley C.

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